Its All About Textiles


Expert Textiles was formed with the vision to excel in the field of textile and to become the most preferred sourcing partner in Textiles. We are committed to give the best of the world services to our customers and suppliers. We are constantly moving towards the perfection level of excellence to satiate the requirement of our esteemed customers.

Yes, we are conservative, never changing, uncompromising on our values. We remain ethical to our customers, employees, and suppliers. We adhere to the laws of land & social accountability. We are a lean organization, very cost effective, fully under control & far from beurocracy. Our commitment is not just quality of customer service, in fact, it begins from here.

AND, open minded, ever changing. We are a customer driven professional team, operating with participative management style.

This is a learning organization, passionate to create customer value, energetic enough to ensure timely deliveries, consistent quality & cost effective. Learning through mistakes & success, not only in technology, but also in people alliance.

Our HR policy is to enhance performance of employees by treating them as whole persons and fulfilling their total needs – physical (pay package & resources), mental (training & empowerment), emotional (inspiration & motivation) & spiritual (noble cause/vision).

Our Vision is to become the first choice to work with, in our chosen areas by building beneficial and long lasting relationship with customers though giving them the quality of services and loyalty.


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